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The Tacksman’s Daughter


Donna Scott

Scotland, 1692. To escape a brutal winter storm, King William’s regiments descend on the small village of Glencoe.

Chaucer Award First Place Winner, Reviewer’s Choice Discovered Diamond Award, and the Historical Fiction Company 5-Star Award.

The London Monster


Donna Scott

London, 1789, exactly one hundred years before Jack the Ripper terrorizes the people of London, a sexual miscreant known as the London Monster roams the streets in search of his next victim…

Goethe Award First Place Winner and Reviewer’s Choice Discovered Diamond Award.

Shame The Devil


Donna Scott

England, 1643. As the Civil War tears the country apart, a tangled web of alliances, enemies, and lovers is formed—but not without great risk.

Chaucer Award First Place Winner & CIBA Best Book Award.

Coming Soon from Donna Scott

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The Ecstasy

Donna Scott
During a hot summer night in July of 1796, a merchant ship leaves on a three-month shipping expedition from Dover, England, to Bombay, India. A young widow ready to tour England in a fight supporting abolitionism, is abducted and brought aboard the ship. The captain insists he saved her from a mysterious stranger with deadly intentions, but she questions his true motives.

Donna’s Featured Blog

  • The Glencoe Massacre—Who’s to Blame?
    The Glencoe Massacre may have occurred more than three hundred years ago on February 13th, 1692, but it remains a very sensitive subject for MacDonalds and Campbells even today. For twelve days, soldiers—both English and Scottish—billeted in Glencoe and were provided with food, drink, and entertainment until the weather improved. Instead of leaving peacefully and thanking MacIain the clan chief, the troops committed one of the most heinous crimes in Scottish history. Both Highland clans carry a deep respect for Highland law and customs but disagree as to whom is truly to blame for the horrible act on that fateful day in February. Both sides do agree, however, that certain individuals should have been prosecuted for their involvement, but because of the politics at the time and King […]