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The London Monster


Donna Scott

NEW RELEASE: London, 1789. With a sexual miscreant stalking the streets in search of prey, no one is safe.

Shame The Devil


Donna Scott

England, 1643. As the Civil War tears the country apart, alliances, enemies, and lovers are formed. Chaucer Award First Place Winner and CIBA Best Book Award.

Coming Soon from Donna Scott

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The Ecstasy

During a hot summer night in July of 1796, a merchant ship leaves on a three-month shipping expedition from Dover, England, to Bombay, India. A young widow ready to tour England in a fight supporting abolitionism, is abducted and brought aboard the ship. The captain insists he saved her from a mysterious stranger with deadly intentions, but she questions his true motives.

The Tacksman’s Daughter

It is 1692, and the exiled King James has just given the Scottish clans permission to pledge their loyalty to King William. The chief of the MacDonald clan, MacIain, arrives late to administer his oath of allegiance to the new king, and unknowingly gives the puppeteers of William’s new government all of the ammunition they need to punish the troublesome chief for his defiance.

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  • The London Monster
    Almost everyone has heard of Jack the Ripper, the villain who wandered the streets of London in 1888, killing prostitutes in the dead of night. Few people are aware, however, that he had a predecessor, a sexual miscreant who terrorized those same streets exactly one hundred years earlier. Although he did not have a predilection for prostitutes, his weapon of choice was the same. That man was known as The London Monster. His reign of terror lasted from March 1788 to June 1790. Within that timeframe, he attacked approximately 56 women. This number remains in question, however, because many believe some of his attacks were not reported and others were fabricated. But more on that later. In […]